Friday, April 15, 2011

The Midwest trip

To day I am starting my trip to the Midwest. I hope it is going to be fun. I also now some facts about the Midwest they have lots of different land forms. I think that there's lots of rivers. I hope you know that too.

My first trip  was to the Old Cowtown Museum.  They have lots of old houses, old jails, and buildings.  They use wagons and horses.  It takes place in Witchita, Kansas, and has the oldest jails there.  They use lots of grain elevators to store the grain they farm.  They farm a lot.  That's why the Midwest is important, because they have a lot of farming.

The second couple weeks I went to the Mississippi River.  I found out that a lot of people use the Mississippi River for daily water.  I also learned that the Mississippi River is less than three feet deep.  At least 260 species of fish live in the water.  I also heard that they ship the corn, wheat, meat, and crops to make money.  That's why the Mississippi River is important to the Midwest.      

A couple weeks ago I went to Starved rock. The rock or as it was called in french le rocker. It became famous in 1862. They used the land by over 5,000 years. The old Ka village across from Starved rock was good for farming over 1,000 years.